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Literacy 21 provides private reading tutoring to students through face to face and online learning methods.  We use Lexia Learning software to deliver scientifically based reading instruction. Literacy 21 stays in contact with students and parents by using the latest technologies. We work with our students using Skype, Blackboard Collaborate and FaceTime. The mission of Literacy 21 is to provide reading tutoring that is effective, affordable and convenient. Tutoring is given and monitored by Joe Carr, a certified reading specialist.

In his tutoring, Joe uses Lexia Learning software. Lexia Learning software is based on scientifically based reading research to help students with dyslexia, ADHD and ESOL students improve their reading ability. Lexia Learning Software will also help students that are behind their peers in reading, or help students get ahead. It has been used with thousands of student in schools and reading clinics across the country.  

Students work with Lexia Learning under the supervision of a certified reading specialist to improve their reading ability. Lexia Software enables students to improve their reading skill anywhere there is a computer connected to the internet. This allows tutoring to take place in the student's home or at the local library. The Lexia program is also available to the students when the tutor is not around. Students can log on and work improve their reading ability at anytime.

Through the use of Lexia reading software Joe can assess and improve your child's reading ability. We do this by offering the best technology and human expertise.

Parents will receive a weekly reading update from a certified reading specialist. This emailed report will communicate the progress of each student's reading abilities. Parents will receive notice of the aspects of the reading process that the student is working on, areas that the student is having difficulties, and suggested interventions.

Literacy 21 offers state of the art reading tutoring that combines human expertise and effective technology.

Literacy 21 Tutoring
318 Margaret Ave.
Westminster, MD 21157
Phone: (410) 236-9994

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