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Literacy 21 Tutoring has been committed to providing effective, affordable and convenient reading instruction since 2010. Founded by Joe Carr, a certified teacher and reading specialist with a Masters degree in Reading, Literacy 21 Tutoring uses proven technology and human expertise to instruct children.

Joseph has found that most tutoring options for students with dyslexia, ADHD, or those are behind in their reading skills when compared with their peers, have been very expensive. This often made them out of reach for many students. For many students with reading difficulties there were no options nearby.  In using Lexia Learning in his tutoring, he is able to offer scientifically based, effective instruction at an affordable rate compared to other methods. By using web based instruction, students have access to tutoring 24 hours a day 7days a week. Individual tutoring sessions can  be arranged using Skype, Blackboard Collaborate and FaceTime.

Literacy 21 also believes that it is important to bring the tutoring to the children. Literacy 21 will set up reading kiosks in child care centers to make effective reading instruction available. Professional development is available so your staff can provide this service to your students.  Contact us about setting up a kiosk at your location.

Literacy 21 Tutoring
318 Margaret Ave.
Westminster, MD  21157
Phone: (410) 236-9994
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