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Literacy 21 provides reading tutoring to students with a variety of reading disabilities.  Lexia Learning Reading Software is research proven technology to increase the reading ability of students with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, and English Speakers of other Languages. Lexia Learning is also proven to help students "catch up" to their peers. With Lexia Learning and the help of a Certified Reading Specialist, we can identify the skills needed to help your child become a better reader.

The mission of Literacy 21 is to provide reading instruction that is effective, flexible and affordable. We strive to make our services fit into the lives of families that have a child with a reading disability.  Below you will find the services available. They can be used to meet your individual needs.

Literacy 21 Online Tutoring Subscription

To begin this service, parents will download the Lexia Learning program to a computer with an internet connection (Mac or Windows). Students will receive an individual login and password. The first time the student launches the program, they will be assessed and placed in the proper level. Initial finding of the needs of the student will be determined. It is recommended that students work with the program for at least 45 minutes per week to achieve the best results. Parents will receive an email, phone call or web conference  from a Reading Specialist  weekly to update them about their child's progress.

Literacy 21 Individual Online Tutoring Session

Individual Online Tutoring sessions can be arranged to meet the student's needs. During these sessions the Certified Reading Specialist help guide the student through the Lexia Learning software, provide pencil and paper activities to supplement learning, offer additional assessments to determine the needs of the student. 

Literacy 21 Reading Kiosk

Literacy 21 will set up a Reading Kiosk at your daycare center so that you can provide Lexia Learning to your students. Your students will be monitored by a Certified Reading Specialist. Your staff can be trained to print reports on your student's progress and provide extended activities to students. Contact us today to begin developing a plan to put a Reading Kiosk at your daycare center.

Students can use Lexia Learning on any internet connected computer. Click the link below to download the software.

Download Lexia Learning Software.


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