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At Literacy 21, we respect the privacy of our students. Often students are embarrassed about their reading ability and their need to for tutoring. In our testimonial section we will describe a few students in very broad terms to allow future students to see what is possible.

One student that we helped came to us as a second grader. The parent said that his teachers were concerned about his reading level. We began working with the student in the beginning of summer. In the initial assessment it was found that he was about one year behind his grade level. In particular he had trouble discriminating vowel and consonant blends. We met with the student face to face two times per week. The student also subscribed to the online service and tutored online for at least 45 minutes a week.

By the end of the summer the student was slightly above his grade level. The parent said all of the teachers commented about the gains he made over the summer. We continued to meet with the student on a weekly basis. Within 3 months he was reading a full year above grade level.

Another student we helped  came to us as a 9th Grader. The parent said that he had showed signs of dyslexia. He was reversing letters in his writing and his reading. He was also having trouble in all of his classes because of his reading disability. The initial assessment found that he was about 3 years behind in his reading ability. In particular he had many issues with the process of reading, including short and long vowel rules, and suffixes. This student only sign up for the Online Tutoring Sessions (we never met face to face). He used the online tutoring sessions an average of 2 hours a week and we communicated with the parent via phone and email reports.

Within 5 months he was reading at his reading level.

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